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Scenes and NOALBS Commands: Cheatsheet

Understanding OBS & NOALBS: Stream Management Made Easy If you're diving into the world of live streaming using OBS, you should know about NOALBS - a handy software tool that...
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How to Simucast (Multi-Stream) from OBS on Windows (for FREE) – Part 2

Simulcasting to Restreamer using OBS Step 1: Obtain Restreamer RTMP Details Open your Restreamer web interface, typically found at http://localhost:8080 or the IP of your Restreamer host machine. On the...
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How to Simulcast (Multi-Stream) from OBS on Windows (for FREE)

Guide to Setting up Restreamer on a Windows Machine Restreamer is an open-source tool that allows you to relay or forward live video streams to multiple platforms simultaneously. It provides...
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How to set up LiveU Solo with an IRLhosting Relay

This guide is going to assume you've at least set up the LiveU Solo on your LiveU account & dashboard, including activation and if applicable, LRT (LiveU Solo network Bonding...
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