This guide is going to assume you’ve at least set up the LiveU Solo on your LiveU account & dashboard, including activation and if applicable, LRT (LiveU Solo network Bonding services)

Step 1: Information

Grab your RTMP URL on your user dashboard from, keep this handy while we move on to Step 2

Step 2: LiveU Dashboard

Log into your LiveU Solo dashboard  Once you’ve logged in and selected the appropriate LiveU Solo device, click “Select New Destination” in the bottom middle of your dashboard.

Step 3: Creating Destination

Select “RTMP Generic” from this next page.  Be sure not to select the one with “Authentication” in the name, as that is not applicable to this guide.

Using the information from – Enter the RTMP url without the “live” part at the end in the top pointed section, while entering “live” in the bottom pointed box.  Be sure to edit the resolution you’d like to stream at as well.  Hit “Save” when you’re done.

Step 4: Adding the source to OBS

Open OBS, and in your “LIVE” scene, create a Media Source
Within that Media Source, uncheck #1 (“Local File”) so that a new Input field appears, and enter the RTMP Url as the input. While you’re here, adjust Network buffering down to 1MB and Reconnect Delay to 3 Seconds.

Step 5: Go Live and Test

This concludes the basic setup for getting your RTMP URL into OBS.  From here, you can “Go Live” on the LiveU Solo and adjust the source/scenes as necessary.